The Ludlow Thieves – Roaring Lions

These thieves have a celebratory & Gospel-tent joyful vibe that is nothing less than addicting. I don’t reckon there will be an alter call, though Danny might know a good response when road-weary souls come up after a show and share their own story. Its hard to fathom how good these dudes sound. Check out their bio below and click on the links to grab your free ep or finish/begin the story of The Ludlow Thieves.

The Ludlow Thieves – All The Money

Staggering from the wreckage of a car accident that claimed seven lives and left him the sole survivor, The Ludlow Thieves’ front man, Danny Musengo, had a shift in perspective. He was finished working the midnight shift at a gas station on a highway in Iowa; he was moving to NYC and dedicating himself to music. Having grown up singing gospel songs in his church, music was where he found peace and purpose, especially after the accident. The Ludlow Thieves are the realization of the sound, sensation, and dedication he had been pursuing since the accident.

The Ludlow Thieves – Gloriana

The Ludlow Thieves are DT, Danny and Walker, but a revolving cast of hoodlums fleshes out their sound by shaking, scraping, banging, slapping, singing, stabbing, and seducing music out of their instruments. They have found friends in singers, pianists, string ensembles, orchestral brass players, jazz trumpeters and saxophonists, and countless audio engineers. These mischievous melodic mutts are essential to bringing The Thieves’ indulgences to musical fruition live and in the studio. All in all, there are over 30 instruments on their debut album.

The sound is occasionally lush and often covered in dust; it is a rustic exploration of the grand and the intimate through an American lens.The energy of roaring lions and lovemaking llamas channeled through a gospel singer from Iowa, the indigenous rhythmic flare of Manhattan, and a guitarist’s tongue…

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