Town Hall – Bill Mallonee & Muriah Rose

All these songs are strong. Become a believer, a follower, and dare to wear your heart on your sleeve. Enjoy!

“Town Hall”/Bill Mallonee & Muriah Rose
All songs by: Bill Mallonee
Recorded “live” at the Red Clay Theater, Duluth, Ga. by Eddie Owen Presents” on Jan. 25th, 2013
House Sound & Recording Engineered by: Shalom Aberle
Editing & Mastering by: Bruce Neher
Photo: Chip Fox/Cover Design:Bill Mallonee
Guest guitarist on “Resplendent:” John Rose

Released September 6, 2013

Bill Mallonee: guitars, vocals, harp
Muriah Rose: grand piano, vocals
John Michael Rose: acoustic guitar solo on “Resplendent”

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