This Game of God (2015) – Jesse Sprinkle

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Originally released on “Surrounded By Lights” in 2008. Here is the new improved version. This is one of my favorite original songs to date. I just had to make some serious adjustments so this song could be what it was meant to be. Thanks for listening.


Jesse Sprinkle: Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Drums, and Percussion
Kurt Schmidt: Electric Guitars
James Wright: Bass Guitar

UFO – Bill Mallonee (Larry Norman Cover)

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One of Mr. Larry Norman’s songs I really liked. The Jesus Movement of the 70’s held “the Rapture” as a tenet of faith. They were simple, passionate about their faith in Christ’s Resurrection, atonement and Second Coming. I dunno what I think about the doctrine of eschatology anymore as far as a chronology goes. Not my hill to die on. (lurid phrase!)
BUT: I was always in love with the tender way Mr. Norman treated the bigger idea of a restored humanity…
“He will roll away your stone…”

Bill Mallonee – “Adagio”

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Love this one – truly epic.

ADAGIO words/music by: bill mallonee
it all showed up fractured
it all showed up broke
it was never a story
more like an unfinished note
and the sighs? they were deafening
more than pictures could show

from WPA 18​/​HEAVEN IN YOUR HEART, released 04 July 2013
Bill: guitars, vocals

released 26 June 2013
Download album drops July 4th, or so…

Don Peris – the old century

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Thank you Peris family for once again outperforming all with your uniquely evocative soundscapes. Instantly enjoyable guitar focused, melody driven acoustic beauties. Disarming and emotional.

Listen to the complete album here:

Boy – Seven Little Numbers?

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4-8-2013 9-25-20 AM

Boy: A Charming Little Number Called ‘Little Numbers’

April 6, 2013Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass have been playing their infectious pop song “Little Numbers” since 2011, but it wasn’t until this year that the Swiss/German duo caught on in America. Watch Boy perform an acoustic version of its international hit live in The Current’s studios. From NPR.ORG

Happy, nice and fun! I think I’m going soft.

Poor Old Lu – The Great Unwound

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Hey folks,

Been away from this for a good long time. I’ll likely check in time to time, as in now. I’m still posting on The Bobblehead, Till We Have Faces and Art of the State if you want to head over there.

This is from one of my favorite groups and this song download is to help Paradise | Uganda (

Scott Hunter: Vocals, lyrics
Aaron Sprinkle: Guitars, keys, percussion
Nick Barber: Bass
Jesse Sprinkle: Drums

Jennifer Hirschman: Background vocals

Engineered By: Aaron Sprinkle, Scott Hunter, Andrew Hirschman
Mixed By: Aaron Sprinkle
Mastered By: Troy Glessner (Spectre Recording & Mastering)

Royal Hoax – Shiver Shake

•January 30, 2013 • 1 Comment

Something a bit lighter than the usual and a whole lotta fun! Please watch on full screen and best resolution.

From Bio:

Royal Hoax is an alternative/pop/rock group out of Detroit. A three-piece formed in the summer of 2010, Royal Hoax was created by a set of brothers, Jake and Mark Hoke, and drummer Elijah Nelson. Jake plays bass and sings lead vocals while Mark takes on guitar, harmonies and keys. Elijah’s brother, Caleb, is brought onto the live stage as an extra guitarist and keyboardist. The dynamics between two sets of brothers performing creates a cohesiveness and genuine energy you have to experience! 


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