The Springtime EP – Jesse Sprinkle and RACS

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Do You Hear What I Hear (Keaggy & Watson)

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New – The Innocence Mission

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Thank you

Dearestly – Lauren Mann

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Excellent! Acoustic, beautiful and joyous.

Thank you very much you not so odd Folk.


Slow Trauma – Bill Mallonee

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These past few weeks I’ve been partaking in bite-sized pieces this latest work: Slow Trauma by the musician known as Bill Mallonee. The Big Sky Ramblers is the current name of all who record and perform alongside him. These days it is mostly Bill and his kind bride, Muriah Rose. This release – yes I have listened to most of the 70 plus releases – is a punctuation mark of sorts on where his talent, style and career are in 2016. He no longer enjoys the big production values on his latest releases like on his Vigilantes of Love albums, but on this travelogue they are not missed – it is essential listening. This is an honest piecing together of the many postcards from the highway. It is set to the jangle and strum of various guitars and layers of drum, bass and piano. The vocals and instruments are plaintive and wounded, not unlike a long night of wandering and crying out in the New Mexican desert with only a handful of forgotten ghosts to cross your path and just a few hungry glossies or diamond backs that would rather not be bothered.

Well, I took it to the road; these skeleton dreams
Wrapped ’em in an old suit, railroads & high~beams
My pen? It never went dry; this guitar could always woo
Till my soul was the color of box car rust & my heart was big sky blue

After all is said, done, and mostly unresolved, you realize that none of the promises under God’s blue sky – at least on your parcel of land – has been forthcoming. This American Dream, while maybe not a nightmare, has slowly unfolded as a slap on the head in a crowded room among those without eyes to see or ears to hear. But yet a scent in the air not unlike hope lingers.

Baby, gimme those keys, sit back & just watch me
Navigate this thing back home with considerable ease
Down these sad, back streets of doubt to a new & brighter day
Waiting for the stone to be rolled away

When all maps are torn and your via point never appears on your second-hand GPS, what are you left with? You know someday you’ll fly away to glory, but what about today, and those many tomorrows lying in wait? I see hope in these words of letting go, coming to terms with the many roads traveled, knowing in one’s heart-of-hearts that God will do His good work and though mostly unseen, He just might be in the driver’s seat.

And go you surely will & if you’re lucky you’ll be missed
You can go with God or with a clenched fist

The Great Beyond is gonna have to wait another day
But, you’ll get a new set of wheels on the King’s Highway
A new set of wheels on the King’s Highway

This latest release is the most musically complex, “western” and soulful of Mr. Mallonee’s vast travelogue. A snapshot, a eulogy, and a tattered desert map to the shrine of Our Lady of Hope and the stars.


V.O.L. by vigilantes of love

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Excellent intro to the work of Bill Mallonee and and his ever changing but never less than excellent musical cohorts in this thing called: Magic, Life, Pain, Confession and sometimes fleetingly, but ultimately permanent Joy. Oh, and great folk-rock to bring a smile to your face through wit, and road weary wisdom, even if flavored with a hard won brokenness.

Bon appetit! 


Under the Wonder Sky – Jeff Johnson

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Beautiful Christmas music to play as an instrumental backdrop to reading your current book or wrapping presents for a loved one; or simply considering the love and majesty of the one true King. 

God bless you and may each of you find your true love in the one Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.

A Very Sprinkle Christmas by Jesse Sprinkle

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The Ocean Blue – City Traffic (lost song)

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The Ocean Blue are currently celebrating the new vinyl reissues of their three Sire Records albums with a tour where they’re playing their self-titled 1989 debut album and 1991’s Cerulean in full. That tour is in NYC tonight (11/19) for a sold-out show at Mercury Lounge. All tour dates are listed below.

We’ve got the premiere a “lost” Ocean Blue song titled “City Traffic” that was recorded in 1994, originally intended for Sire but never released. Frontman David Schelzel told us, “I actually wrote it in the early days of the band and though we played it a lot live, it never made it on to any of our records. Listening back now, it definitely shows our 60s / REM side and features some nice organ playing.” You can also hear a little Madchester influence on this one, too. Stream it below.

Town Hall – Bill Mallonee & Muriah Rose

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All these songs are strong. Become a believer, a follower, and dare to wear your heart on your sleeve. Enjoy!

“Town Hall”/Bill Mallonee & Muriah Rose
All songs by: Bill Mallonee
Recorded “live” at the Red Clay Theater, Duluth, Ga. by Eddie Owen Presents” on Jan. 25th, 2013
House Sound & Recording Engineered by: Shalom Aberle
Editing & Mastering by: Bruce Neher
Photo: Chip Fox/Cover Design:Bill Mallonee
Guest guitarist on “Resplendent:” John Rose

Released September 6, 2013

Bill Mallonee: guitars, vocals, harp
Muriah Rose: grand piano, vocals
John Michael Rose: acoustic guitar solo on “Resplendent”

hello I feel the same – the innocence mission

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the innocence mission – hello I feel the same

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hello I feel the same  is an album of eleven new songs, available to pre-order now on CD, digital download, or translucent green vinyl.
Available for pre-order from iTunes on September 23.
Available in your local record shop on October 16.

This Game of God (2015) – Jesse Sprinkle

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Originally released on “Surrounded By Lights” in 2008. Here is the new improved version. This is one of my favorite original songs to date. I just had to make some serious adjustments so this song could be what it was meant to be. Thanks for listening.


Jesse Sprinkle: Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Drums, and Percussion
Kurt Schmidt: Electric Guitars
James Wright: Bass Guitar

UFO – Bill Mallonee (Larry Norman Cover)

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One of Mr. Larry Norman’s songs I really liked. The Jesus Movement of the 70’s held “the Rapture” as a tenet of faith. They were simple, passionate about their faith in Christ’s Resurrection, atonement and Second Coming. I dunno what I think about the doctrine of eschatology anymore as far as a chronology goes. Not my hill to die on. (lurid phrase!)
BUT: I was always in love with the tender way Mr. Norman treated the bigger idea of a restored humanity…
“He will roll away your stone…”

Bill Mallonee – “Adagio”

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Love this one – truly epic.

ADAGIO words/music by: bill mallonee
it all showed up fractured
it all showed up broke
it was never a story
more like an unfinished note
and the sighs? they were deafening
more than pictures could show

from WPA 18​/​HEAVEN IN YOUR HEART, released 04 July 2013
Bill: guitars, vocals

released 26 June 2013
Download album drops July 4th, or so…

Don Peris – the old century

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Thank you Peris family for once again outperforming all with your uniquely evocative soundscapes. Instantly enjoyable guitar focused, melody driven acoustic beauties. Disarming and emotional.

Listen to the complete album here:

Boy – Seven Little Numbers?

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4-8-2013 9-25-20 AM

Boy: A Charming Little Number Called ‘Little Numbers’

April 6, 2013Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass have been playing their infectious pop song “Little Numbers” since 2011, but it wasn’t until this year that the Swiss/German duo caught on in America. Watch Boy perform an acoustic version of its international hit live in The Current’s studios. From NPR.ORG

Happy, nice and fun! I think I’m going soft.

Poor Old Lu – The Great Unwound

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Hey folks,

Been away from this for a good long time. I’ll likely check in time to time, as in now. I’m still posting on The Bobblehead, Till We Have Faces and Art of the State if you want to head over there.

This is from one of my favorite groups and this song download is to help Paradise | Uganda (

Scott Hunter: Vocals, lyrics
Aaron Sprinkle: Guitars, keys, percussion
Nick Barber: Bass
Jesse Sprinkle: Drums

Jennifer Hirschman: Background vocals

Engineered By: Aaron Sprinkle, Scott Hunter, Andrew Hirschman
Mixed By: Aaron Sprinkle
Mastered By: Troy Glessner (Spectre Recording & Mastering)

Royal Hoax – Shiver Shake

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Something a bit lighter than the usual and a whole lotta fun! Please watch on full screen and best resolution.

From Bio:

Royal Hoax is an alternative/pop/rock group out of Detroit. A three-piece formed in the summer of 2010, Royal Hoax was created by a set of brothers, Jake and Mark Hoke, and drummer Elijah Nelson. Jake plays bass and sings lead vocals while Mark takes on guitar, harmonies and keys. Elijah’s brother, Caleb, is brought onto the live stage as an extra guitarist and keyboardist. The dynamics between two sets of brothers performing creates a cohesiveness and genuine energy you have to experience! 

Blaudzun – Heavy Flowers (Dutch Treat)

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The soulful vocal beauty of Chris Martin from Coldplay, the folk-symphonic scope of Sufjan Stevens, and the heart-broken tearfulness of Damien Rice or  Ryan O’Neal from Sleeping At Last.

Compelling beauty herein but somehow after all this research and sampling, I want to enjoy some Regina Spektor.

Holland based singer-songwriter Blaudzun releases follow up album Heavy Flowers (V2 Benelux) his most dynamic LP to date, in which his remarkable voice, haunting melodies and dramatic string arrangements coincides with a love for folk and art rock. With this third collection of songs Blaudzun again surpasses his previous work. – Oor Magazine

Critics consider him one of the best kept secrets in European indie pop. But that won’t be for too long. Blaudzun and his seven piece band will hit the stage in both Germany and France this summer and fall.

Stream complete album for a limited time here:

In September wint hij de 3voor12 Award voor Album van het Jaar. Blaudzun zelf kan niet bij het feest en de uitreiking aanwezig zijn omdat hij op dat moment door Duitsland toert. Na een uitverkochte Belgische clubtour en een concert op CMJ in New York besluit hij 2012 met een op voor hand uitverkochte clubtour in Nederland. Ter ere daarvan wordt op 12 november een speciale Heavy Flowers-toureditie met een livealbum en een fotoboek uitgebracht. Wiki

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