Musical Passion-Voice of the Soul / Vox de illa Anima


While carefully and passionately crafted art is highly sought after by this review/music lover, there has to be more, much more.  Music to be lasting and to truly take root in me must have something deeper.  The music in itself or the music with the vocals must speak to a longing or a need within me, acknowledged or suppressed. 

The music that touches me the deepest is that which speaks of longing, seeking and most important: the revealing and unraveling of one broken life to another. 

Hey, we are all a mess and need help from each other and from God.  We can’t go through it alone; we need the light cast dimly from one another to see the path before us.    

Listening to many styles of music is a great passion of mine.  Some early concerts I saw were: Sparks, Bowie, Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull.  Later I would listen to Kansas, Boston, FYC, Midnight Oil and a plethora of nonstandard Christian bands. These included: The 77’s, Daniel Amos, The Choir, Violet Burning, Andy Pratt, Cliff Richard, LSU and Iona, to name a handful.

Then I discovered (mid-90’s) bands like Vigilantes of Love, Over the Rhine, Ocean Blue and The Innocence Mission.  Concurrently, I  dabbled in New Age with: Enya, Lorenna Mckennitt, Jeff Johnson and Ottmar Leibert. Now I will gravitate to Indie Rock, Electronic, Folk and just about anything you can throw at me.

Sometimes I enjoy an artist so much I can mount my pulpit like a white-haired evangelist, fully intent on delivering on these promises.

I often will post links and profiles from and as they consistently have incredible concerts and artists to listen to or download.

Recently many artist profiles have reflected an international flair.  As my interests range far and wide, this will likely continue.    

If you need to contact me or comment you may comment on a particular post or email me at:

Note to Artists, Bands, Promoters:  

I would love to review your music.  Send me the files or a link for me to download and listen.  Better yet, send me a CD.

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