Jon Moodie – Bare Bones

Authentic blues describe the troubles of the living and the sound of darkness knocking sporadically and often at the most unwanted times on each of our doors. Jon Moodie with his Bare Bones is a good mix of tunes that are like chapters from a life on the edge. There is an edginess, as well and a Bushmills-soaked quality to his voice whle the playing is direct, offering up a sonic canvas for these stories. They reflect my own experience and maybe yours—if you have ears to hear and arms wide open.

Jon Moodie – Gypsy

Jon Moodie – Too Much

Jon Moodie resides on NYC’s lower East Side, a far cry from his life-long home in a quiet, isolated town in the Catskills. His rare voice, a sultry instrument, bites, shakes or trances, heralding him as a burgeoning icon.

From boy prodigy in trumpet, to guitar (albeit just three years ago), music finally led Jon to his core talents as a singer and songwriter. Jon’s voice, flow and lyrics first leant themselves to a folk-like rendition of reggae. Jon went into the Midtown Sound recording studio and teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer John White to record his debut EP. Jon also played with fellow Catskill native John Bernstein in an acoustic roots duo (Grassroot Beginnings), and gained a loyal following.

~ by castleqwayr on June 28, 2012.

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