Bill Mallonee – Pour, Kid . . . (Free Top-shelf)

Permafrost is a very good release by Bill Mallonee. Grab the free song from Bandcamp and take a few minutes to check out Mr. Mallonee’s extensive back catalog. I can point you to my favorites if you are interested!

poor kid never saw it coming there was the set up and the big take down lost his sweetheart as the band got humming and word well it gets around

sometimes there’s just no consolation
you’re missing cues and forgot what to say
thank God almighty for television
going numb in the cathode ray

it’s so dramatic when there’s no one to warn you
spend the evening sitting in the corner
oh to see the world through the tear in your eye
with the strong drink and the flimsy alibi

little girl there’s far too many choices
for you to ever really get your head clean
and it’s so easy taking cues from California
soap operas and checkout line magazines

oh to have just an unguarded moment
oh to be under your house arrest
to steal your love like an inside job
and crack your vault with a solo kiss

no this isn’t just a sex song
we’re all black holes so don’t give me grief
i think you’re perfect and you think I’m perfect to and
we’re all just lying through our teeth

From Permafrost, released 08 August 2006

~ by castleqwayr on February 16, 2012.

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