Coast Jumper – Grand Opening

Coast Jumper – For Youth

A wee bit of Shin’s like vocal flavor and overall great Alternative-Indie vibe. I would sign these guys up yesterday if I had a label and some extra cash. Big variety of sounds and moods to keep things from wearing down the same groove. You really need to hear this complete record (use the Bandcamp player) in track order to fully enjoy this Grand Opening.

Meeting as teenagers in upstate New York, the members of Coast Jumper spent four years growing up together under the same roof, enduring the harsh winters, friendships come and gone, life. Sequestering themselves one winter in their dimly lit basement, Coast Jumper assembled the collage that is Grand Opening. Equal parts ambiance, aggression, harmony, and release, it’s about lost loves but it’s also about new ones. It’s about finding purpose and meaning in something, but also becoming disillusioned with the whole damn thing. It feels like a bunch of kids growing into themselves. In that basement, they took an oath to never stop.

Coast Jumper – Disabler

Band: This is our very first album. It’s called Grand Opening. We’ve put in hundreds of hours, heart, and soul into this record; we are very proud of it. Do hope you like it.

1) You can pay whatever you want for it. We appreciate anything you want to throw our way, but we won’t hate you if you don’t pay us (promise).

2) Please listen to it in order, as a whole, at least once.


Cool C.J. Vid:

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