A Little Affair: What are you so Afraid of?

Acoustic guitar driven and emotive vocals propel the sound down a Folk-Rock, kind of Americana road. The tracks for all their instrumental glory and driving forward, tend to be mid-tempo or even mellow in a good way. Not sissy-pants odes for the Vampire Diaries with sculpted hair and white make-up, but the stuff of life and some heart-break. This album lands where most of us live; with equal parts hope, despair and some searching and reflection on what makes this whole show tick. Let’s just hope that the guys of “A Little Affair” come to my neck of the woods before too long.

A Little Affair – December

Having recently graduated, Ben Hughes, Ryan Buzby, and Tom Cochran found themselves transplanted into an economic depression and a sour job market. Determined not to let a few bad bankers give them the blues, the trio chose to chase their rock n’ roll dreams. Hughes articulates his desires and frustrations with society, relationships, and religion through song. Together, Hughes and Cochran join Buzby in his farmhouse studio to complete their newest self-titled album showcasing their simply accessible indie rock.


~ by castleqwayr on February 2, 2012.

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