Tea Cozies – Scones & Mayhem

Somehow, someway the Tea Cozies do it for me. They have a retro-vibe, with punk and garage sensibilities; yet they never seem to overplay their hand. Pour yourself some of their wild brew with a depth charge of adrenaline. What their serving up is anything but lukewarm. 

Tea Cozies – Dead Mans Sister

Tea Cozies – Pretty Pages

Tea Cozies are four: two ladies and two gents from the rainy city of Seattle. Steeped in garage rock and british indie, the band takes influence from guitar-driven pop bands as Elastica and Pixies. Though NW-based, the origins of Tea Cozies began in Northern Colorado where vocalist/guitarists Jessi Reed and Brady Harvey met in high school, bonding over a love of camping and britpop. The pair relocated to Seattle to start a band, adding bassist Jeff Anderson, and later, drummer Garrett Croxon (former Fleet Foxes.)

Tea Cozies have released a 5 song EP and in 2009, their debut LP, Hot Probs (produced by Erik Blood), which Seattle Weekly described as “equal parts garage rock and ’60s girl group, punk and bubblegum, Blur and Bikini Kill.” Hot Probs received heavy airplay on regional college radio stations and 90.3 KEXP, earning the band slots at the Seattle City of Music Awards, and on the GIVE Seattle Compilation (alongside Ben Gibbard, The Long Winters, and Visqueen.) The band appeared in the MTV web series, $5 Cover: Seattle (directed by Lynn Shelton) which debuted in December. In January 2011, Tea Cozies released a new single “Dead Man’s Sister,” and are currently working on their sophomore album.



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