Jenny Invert ↔ ʇɹǝʌuı ʎuuǝɾ

This band has talent times 10.  Kind of an Indie-Freak-Pop Ménage on some powerful stuff.

After my Big Foot posts, it feels good to getting back to lesser known, but shimmering stars!

Jenny Invert – Crossing the Divide

Jenny Invert – Show Me A Ghost

Jenny Invert is the alt-pop chimera of Sam Miller, August Johnson, Sean Alkire, and David Schripsema. Originally formed as Grand Canyon in 2007, the thrashing country-punk outfit, blended the hollow ache, biting angst, and raucous energy of both genres into thunderous live shows for the insomniacs of the Albuquerqueunderground music scene.

In December 2008, the band temporarily disbanded when lead singer and principle songwriter Sam Miller moved to Vancouver, Canada.  While there, he turned his focus to piano and song writing, and began performing with the nautical-pop band, Wintermitts. When Sam returned to Albuquerque in 2009 he had a new arsenal of songs, now more influenced by folk and pop and the Canadian music scene than by the country and punk that had once defined Grand Canyon. Jenny Invert was born from the marriage of these two identities.

After experimenting with different lineups and instrumentation, Jenny Invert decided on a two-keyboard (piano and synth) attack, and wrote new songs to accommodate the change in sound, substituting Grand Canyon’s howling thunder with buoyant melody and minimalism.

Jenny Invert’s self titled debut album was self-released in March 2011

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