hfbn (aka: hum flying bulletproof noodle)

This band from Minsk, Belarus has truly captivated my thoughts and imagination. I prefer the acronym over the ponderously long name. Check out hfbn and other acts from 10 time zones.  Hfbn is sorta dreamy and prog in its softy romantic build as heard in ‘Luna Moth‘.  Enjoy searching out these bands and let me know if you find others on their website that would make a good fit on this humble blog.

hfbn – luna moth

hum flying bulletproof noodle – gas mask

More on hfbn: http://bit.ly/gonNxP

The band’s newest single is now available for download. Less than five minutes in length, it is entitled “Luna Moth.” Those two words speak of some enduring, ultimately pointless longing for a distant object of desire – and that’s precisely what we get. The same theme of romantic yearning – elevated to an end in itself – is transferred to the lyrics, as with Phaeton Lasso: concrete verbal utterances lessen to the point of whispers.

“Far from Moscow” is a resource designed to promote, catalog, and consider new music from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, together with the Baltic nations (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). In total, that’s ten time zones!

Our resource is named after a famous Soviet novel, celebrating the heroic efforts of Siberian oil workers during World War Two, an awfully long way from comfort or safety. We aim to support a similar, far-flung diligence on the “cultural front” today.

The site is administered and edited by David MacFadyen (dmacfady@humnet.ucla.edu); it is hosted by the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of California, Los Angeles.


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  1. Greetings from Akahum 🙂

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