Casey Neill & The Norway Rats – Goodbye to the Rank and File

Slightly Northwestern ‘Heartland’ folk storytelling from the musical seed-bed of Portland, Oregon.  These are tales to warm your bones by the fire or to set your gaze straight as you realize that they are speaking to you, to your secrets untold—till now.

Casey Neill . . . . Stevenson Hotel

Casey Neill . . . . Radio Montana

Portland, Oregon-based Casey Neill & The Norway Rats‘ “Goodbye to the Rank and File” features guest appearances by R.E.M. touring musician Scott McCaughey (also front man for Minus 5 and the Young Fresh Fellows) and Talkdemonic’s Lisa Molinaro.  Also, The DecemberistsJenny Conlee is an official member of The Norway Rats, as is the Lucinda Williams Band’s guitar player, Chet Lyster.

Comprised of Casey Neill (vocals, guitar), Little Sue (vocals, acoustic guitar), Chet Lyster (guitar), Ezra Holbrook (drums), Hanz Araki (vocals, flute), Jesse Emerson (bass), and Jenny Conlee (piano, accordion), Casey Neill & The Norway Rats recorded “Goodbye to the Rank and File,” produced by the band’s own Ezra Holbrook, throughout the fall of 2009 and winter 2010.

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