Clare Burson – Songs For Saying Goodbye


Beautiful songs that are acoustic guitar led and sung from a mysterious and a slightly dark or haunted space.  These are expressions based on family members experience in the Holocaust, yet are as fresh and chilling as if these terrors might occur today.  Would that we all had the gifts and the venue to express our deepest emotions and life histories.

Clare Burson – I Will/With You

NPR Interview with 2 Songs

Clare Burson is a Brooklyn-based independent singer-songwriter whose recent covers of Magnetic Fields and INXS songs have been getting a lot of notice. But the songs on her new album, Silver and Ash, are all her own.

 In many respects, the record is the result of a lifelong exploration of family history for the Memphis-born songwriter. Burson says she was 8 when she first learned of the Holocaust at her Hebrew school.

“I came home that day and I asked my mom, ‘Were Mimi and Granddaddy caught up in this?’ ” she says. “And she said, ‘Yes, but please don’t ask your grandmother about it, because she’s very sensitive and doesn’t want to talk about what happened to her.’ So I didn’t. But, of course, being told that I shouldn’t ask made me very much want to know everything about her past.”

 Burson learned that her grandmother left Leipzig in 1938 — narrowly escaping Kristallnacht, when Jewish homes and businesses were destroyed all over Germany — and moved with her brother to the U.S. Their parents stayed behind and didn’t survive World War II.   Read more at:  NPR.ORG

Excellent Interview here:

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