Goodly Approaches To Indie Music Promotion

There’s been a trend for some time to release single song teasers before a complete CD hits the streets.  Now more artists (Frightened Rabbit, Tallest Man on Earth, Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives, Sufjan Stevens) are giving songs away and pushing them with tweets, blogs and emails to their followers to build interest and momentum.  Many Indie artists (Over The Rhine, The 77’s, Bill Mallonee of VOL and Daniel Amos) have also had their fans pre-purchase a CD for seed-money for production costs.  Artists featured in my blog often give away complete releases to spread the word and build support for the day when they have a base to actually spend money on their releases.  It’s tough to make even a semblance of a living for most Indie artists.  Here are single song teasers for your review.


” . . . we began the process of writing the album that became ‘First Edition’. At the time, it had no name… in fact it had no songs, which is why a handful of us were called upon to collaborate for the best part of a week to write the album together. During that time I managed to have a hand in writing songs with Rod, James Graham of The Twilight Sad, Emma Pollock and James Yorkston. Being such a fan of all those people’s music, I felt more than a touch daunted at the prospect of trying to write a song with any of them.”  Read More

Frightened Rabbit – Favourite Son

Download two songs @

The Tallest Man on Earth – Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird

Just months after releasing his album The Wild Hunt, Swedish troubadour the Tallest Man on Earth has a new five-song EP out called Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird. Download a track from it above.

The EP is only on iTunes at the moment, with a physical release set for November 9 in the U.S. and a day before in the UK via Dead Oceans. Tallest Man is on tour now; check the dates here.  From

TTMonE – Like The Wheel

Drew Grow and the Pastor’s Wives

” . . . current Fuel/Friends favorite Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives made a name for themselves by releasing a steady stream of 7″ singles in the Portland music community over the past year, coming out as they wrote and recorded them.”  From

Drew Grow etc. – Bootstraps

Sufjan Stevens – All Delighted People

Click for article on All Delighted People EP

Sufjan Stevens – From The Mouth Of Gabriel

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