the innocence mission – street map review

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The Innocence Mission is a musical band centered on husband-and-wife songwriters Karen and Don Peris. The original group, including Mike Bitts (bass) and Steve Brown (drums), was formed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the early 1980s when the members met during a Catholic school production of Godspell. Although all members of the band have contributed musically, Karen Peris is its principal writer.  – From Wiki


I started listening to this group I think in 1992 with their eponymous debut album.  The softness and beauty of their sound and vocal captured my heart.  They speak of the deep beauty and sadness of life and the inner journey.  Most will not “get” it.  I hung around for more and have never been disappointed or felt they were creating disposable product to make a quick buck.  They love their work and their listeners love them.  Karen Paris is the very embodiment of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Most or probably all of their releases I own in CD format except for a few EPs or singles. If this is your first time or have followed from afar but never seen more than a photo, then please watch the Youtube video:  “Bright as Yellow.”    




STREET MAP contains a few songs from the new album we’ve been working on

(released next spring?), some other new songs, and one earlier unreleased song.   For now, this is only available on CD, here at our site.


“Very nice soothing songcraft with a few instrumental tracks to take you to a better place.” — CastleQwayR 

to order, please click here



1.  From a Homeland (listen)

2.  Sunshine Roof

3.  Pioneering (listen)

4.  We Wake Up in the Earliest Blue

     of All

5.  A Thousand Miles

6.  Fair Hill

7.  You Draw the Streets of Rome

8.  Suitcase Waltz


Karen Peris:

voice, guitars, field pump organ, piano
Don Peris:

guitars, background vocals, drums
Mike Bitts:

upright and electric bass

Recorded in 2008 in Lancaster, PA.
Engineered and mixed by Don Peris.



 The Innocence Mission Demos & B-sides 89-91

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