Arto Järvelä & Kaivama


I have to be totally honest with you, I don’t know the subtle (or not so much) differences between the various traditional Nordic folk music. That does not preclude these beauties from touching this reviewer who loves goodness in its various sonic expressions. There’s a calmness, yet also a knowing sadness to these songs that draws out and testifies to the longing within my heart. These are universal pleas and offerings that will beckon to the broken as well as the strong in their moments of honesty and splendid reflection on what it means to be human. My favorite instrument throughout this LP is the violin. My daughter has been taking lessons for about two years, and through many fits and starts is becoming more melodic with each passing day.


Piikin Nikun Polska

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About Arto Järvelä

In the lexicon of Finnish Folk music, Arto Järvelä is one of the most important fiddlers of our time with body of work lasting over three decades. Beginning in the mid seventies in family band Isät ja Pojat (Fathers & sons) and during studies at music college in Kaustinen he formed Finlands top fiddle band JPP in 1982. Thereafter Arto have been playing in most of the finnish folk groups like Niekku, Tallari, Salamakannel, Ampron Prunni, Koinurit, Pinnin Pojat, Maria Kalaniemi & Aldargaz, The Helsinki mandoliners, Erik Hokkanen & Lumisudet, Nordik Tree, you name it! Arto Järvelä was born 1964 in Hattula, southern Finland. In his family fiddling goes behind 3 generations of famous Kaustinen fiddlers. 1982 Arto started studies at Sibelius Academy Folk Music department and graduated 1994 as Master of Music. During his studies he adapted new instruments like nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle), mandolin, octave mandolin, kantele and has been seen jamming even with jouhikko (ancient finnish bowed lyre), double bass and brushes! As one of the Finlands most talented folk musicians Arto have been representing finnish culture in 38 countries. Concert appearances have taken him as far afield as Cuba, Peru, Australia, Pakistan, Thailand, USA, Canada, India, Venezuela, Japan, Russia and most of Europe.


About Kaivama

Finnish-American musicians Sara Pajunen and Jonathan Rundman of the folk duo Kaivama grew up in Northwoods cultures of long winters, lakeside saunas, rugged terrain, and solitude. The band is founded on Pajunen and Rundman’s common ancestry and performs original compositions and inventive, energetic arrangements of traditional folk tunes from the Nordic countries. The name Kaivama stems from the Finnish word kaivaa: “to delve or dig.” Pajunen’s unique prowess on the fiddle and Rundman’s versatility on guitar, harmonium, and piano allow Kaivama to explore a surprising variety of textures. Audiences from performance halls to folk festivals to rock clubs are captivated by this youthful duo’s instrumental skill and fresh approach in creating music that is alternately joyous, primitive, experimental, haunting, and time-honored.


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