Bill Mallonee – Amber Waves


As many of you know, I’m a big fan and a friend of Bill Mallonee: from VOL/Vigilantes of Love fame. His music and words have struck a cord in my thoughts and life. The header for this blog is from a house concert given by Mr. Mallonee. Check out the review and go to to dip into the vast catalog of his inspired tune-age.

Between his tenure with legendary Athens, Ga., band Vigilantes of Love and his long-running solo career, Bill Mallonee has released a whopping 50 albums. That’s more than two a year and more than 500 songwriting credits. It’s a mighty count, a monument to one troubadour’s prolific muse, revealing a prodigious talent. A songwriter’s songwriter, he has a fine grasp on literate Americana, a firm belief in rock and roll as a redemptive force, and quite possibly a hole where his internal editor should be.

“Faith is a throw of dice, and the sleeping heart is stirred,” goes opener “Golden.” “After ragged sentences, you’ll get the last word.” Immediately setting the stakes for the 12 songs that follow, Mallonee sounds weary but wise, as though rock and the road have given him a romantic’s insight into life’s joys and disappointments. What exactly does 50 albums get you? Just enough faith to make 50 more.

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~ by castleqwayr on December 13, 2012.

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