I did this post nearly a year and half ago, but it still very true and new to me.

Heroes of Indie Music

When I first discovered the music of Ms. Renaut, I assumed she was from a French-speaking area of Canada.  Well, actually she resides in San Francisco and her latest creation, ‘The Deer Convention’ has been ably recorded by Jason Quever of ‘Papercuts’ fame. Her musical renderings remind me of beautiful watercolor paintings of landscapes with tulips or the charm of an English garden. One my favorite compositions is ‘Bumblebee‘, which you really need to experience in the video below (it is also available in glorious HD). The beautiful old wood bed at the start of the movie, embracing the artist, is a sanctuary of softness and repose—alone worth the price of admission.  Hélène has an enchanting voice and skillfully commands the acoustic guitar, drawing this listener into her reflections on  life and a gentle revealing of some pages from her personal journey.

Hélène Renaut — L’Amour La Poésie

Hélène Renaut — The Way You Looked At Me 

Hélène’s long-awaited album is…

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