Vuvuzela – The Hollow Choir

Too many good songs on this release by the circus-like carousel ride that is Vuvuzela. Due recognition in this quick review would be like catching all the fire-flies on a July twilight in a humble mason jar. Cinematic and celebratory odes sung and played with heart and love, with an eye to the savant-garde. One time, years ago, I was buying different herbal and green tea concoctions via mail. A year later, I had one left in a bag that looked like a bunch of funky sticks. Wanting to use it up I boiled a heap and drank down every drop of this wicked brew. Was it a psychotic episode from fungi gone rogue? No, but I did learn my lesson. Sometimes a strange elixir should be sipped and savored but never chaotically quaffed by the clueless or quixotic. The songs of The Hollow Choir are likewise potent, yet satisfying and nourishing if enjoyed with the respect they deserve.

Vuvuzela – Rings and Things

Chamber Music for The Aching Rockstar? No doubt about it, Vuvuzela offers unique songs and ditties. Its described as Victorian Music Box meets Carnival.

Josh Benash: Piano/Vocals
Stephanie Babirak: Harp/Vocals
James O’Keeffe: Upright Bass
Ben Goldstein: Drums/Percussion

Please enjoy this commercial from your local sponsor:

~ by castleqwayr on October 12, 2012.

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