Tame Impala – Lonely Indeed!

I don’t see it. This album does not make me feel lonely or enter a naval-gazing downward spiral to solemn moods. It does inspire a bit of introspection and reflection on past classic rock grandeur that still sounds vibrant and now transformed by Tame Impala. It takes me to a land were my identity is affirmed by others and bids me to enjoy some restfulness. Stay for a day or a lifetime (maybe somewhere in-between). This music sounds like an important chapter after the Summer Of Love to some fulfillment and major chill-time without the drugs or any sad postmortem. I’m reminded of Gentle Giant, Peter Gabriel and even some of the beeps and blips of After The Fire-Der Kommissar?

There is some noise and chaotic samplings, but mostly I’m enjoying an all-encompassing underwater dive to some needed joy and retreat. Psychedelic soundscapes for the not yet jaded traveler.

Elephant (Canyons Wooly Mammoth remix)

Listen to the complete album here: http://tinyurl.com/8pa9oxp

On the surface, Tame Impala is another big, brash, psychedelic rock band, with lots of fussy studio tricks and grandiose solos — even on disc, a light show is implied. Kevin Parker’s vocals can seem almost secondary to guitars that buzz and fuzz compellingly, but his emotional distance serves a thematic purpose: For Tame Impala, Parker writes songs about solitude, and about maintaining distance from others that needn’t be literal.

Both of the Australian band’s album titles tell the same story: Innerspeaker. Lonerism. The latter’s songs, even when only fragments of a given lyric can be discerned, convey a sense of walls being built; of an arm’s length being extended. Not a collection of psychedelic freakouts so much as a collection of controlled psychedelic slow-burns — though the fat, swirling guitars in “Endors Toi” would make Swervedriver proud — Lonerism (out Oct. 9) makes alienation and introversion sound both alluring and, ironically, inviting. Article @NPR.ORG

Tame Impala – Solitude


~ by castleqwayr on October 2, 2012.

3 Responses to “Tame Impala – Lonely Indeed!”

  1. Tame Impala is such a great Aussie band, you might also like Michael Cullen who is another awesome Aussie indie songwriter.

  2. Tame Impala are awesome Aussie musicians, I read on Happy that they had a Pizza named after them!!

  3. Haha I saw that pizza, i wish i had the culinary skill to make it!

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