Vigilantes of Love – Audible Sigh @The BBC 2000

Some BBC goodness from 2000 from the Vigilantes of Love. Go to Bill Mallonee‘s Bandcamp page to dig deep. A few freebies, but its all worth the price and you can listen before you purchase.

Vigilantes of Love – Goes Without Saying

Vigilantes of Love – Interview

Vigilantes of Love – Solar System

I got into VOL a couple of years ago when my good friend Andy Higgs saw them at the Greenbelt festival and bought me their seven-track EP “Free for good”. From then on I was hooked – I saw them twice in 2000 at the Borderline club in London and have recently been enjoying their current CD Audible Sigh – these MP3’s are taken from a broadcast on the BBC’s local radio station London Live – it went out on 20th October, the day before I saw them for a second time in Soho.

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