Dudes – Summer Vacation?

A dirty, trippy & blue-eyed urban jangle-fest for the laid-back set. Some generous helpings of chaos and found-sounds keeping this connoisseur’s potpourri bowl on full boil. The aroma from this San Diego crib is heady indeed, and honestly I could do without the weed and requisite rap objectification of their lady friends. Still, even if you pass on the brownies, you might want to give these Dudes a spin or two, as their talent will leave you clearly breathless.

Hey Dudes, open a window now and then!

Dudes – Teenage Rebels

Prior creations from their Bandcamp page:

Dudes – Narcissists Anonymous

Dudes – Mr. McAlister

DUDES exists as the solo recording project of San Diego native Ryan Solomon. Although he has settled on describing his sound as “swag-rock” (some sort of love child between Pavement and Lil B), a hybrid of funk, chillwave, and hip hop is probably more accurate.  Of course, as soon as you settle on a clever sounding hybrid genre, Ryan will do his best to make it obsolete by his next release.  To Ryan, genres are just tools to express the larger picture of his vision: an ends to a mean.  DUDES has been incarnated as a live band several times, most notably with Joel Williams (KYNAN, Sweet Valley) on keyboards during 2011.  As of summer 2012, DUDES have returned with the new “Summer Vacation” EP, and a brand new live line up.  Ryan continues to stay busy within the San Diego music scene, recording electronic music under the pseudonym Nature’s Kid, playing keyboards in Heavy Hawaii, and sharing ex-bandmates with TV Girl.

All of DUDES music is available for free download via their bandcamp page.


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