Rural Ghosts – from Portland, ME


This is epic gothic-folk in the vein of Sixteen Horsepower‘s music from David Eugene Edwards. Not so much the scary religious lyrics or the minimal instruments, but every bit the passion and open-heart revealing that most just don’t or can’t manage in our day. This is musically fleshed-out and just plain gorgeous; like a Flannery O’Connor or Walker Percy novel—minus the deep Southern roots.

The ghost ship has mysteriously appeared in port and voices bid you to board and once and for all go through your premeditated dream-cycle and find your Isle of True Rest.

  Rural Ghosts – Eyes (Single)

Rural Ghosts – Bright Side

Rural Ghosts was first conceived in 2008 by Erik Neilson in the small oceanside city of Portland, ME. With a penchant for melodic hooks and unexpected chord changes, Neilson’s songs are instantly recognizable and difficult to ignore. In March of 2012, a handful of songs that had existed for years were finally released in the form of the Rural Ghosts EP.

Sparse ballads of death, love and regret set against the thick & mysterious ambiance of Maine‘s North Woods.

“Eyes” is the first single from the upcoming Rural Ghosts full-length “Hug Exotic” (Dec 2012). Featuring the addition of Devon Colella on cello and Robert Mitchell on percussion, “Eyes” marks a dramatic stylistic shift for Rural Ghosts, showcasing a more driven, electric sound than what was heard on the EP. “Eyes” is available as a free digital download, as well as a limited edition CD release sold only at live shows.

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