Passenger Peru – Helmets Required

Driving, persistent and gorgeously tenacious beats. The female vox on some tunes is both reassuring and has slight goth undertones—perfect. The male voices are fine and get the job done, but I’ll take the gal any day. However, Justin’s voice on Heavy Drugs has a Liverpool flavour that is all-encompassing. This is a varied stew, alternating from track to track to not leave the listener with that Coldplay album (or any major artists’ sound-alike tracking) fatigue. One really needs to hear the whole shebang in one sitting as it approaches concept-album grandeur.

I’m cutting back my own posts somewhat as this blog does not seem to be catching fire (facebook, stumble, tweets, etc.) as I’d hoped. Most artists either don’t appreciate the props or just take it in stride and don’t want to be bothered by saying thanks or sending fans my way.

This motley Passenger Peru gang I’m certain will be that very rare exception.

Memory Garden

Heavy Drugs

Written and recorded over the course of a year, from the basements of Brooklyn to the tranquil foothills of the Alaskan wilderness, Passenger Peru blends the tender and vulnerable song writing of Yo La Tengo, the aural colorings and production of Brian Wilson along with the tribal noise freakouts of early Animal Collective.  Brain child Justin Stivers (bassist on The Antlers album “Hospice”, Pet Ghost Project) along with the talents of virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Justin Gonzales, brings you a raw mix of cosmic shape-shifting tunes just on the brink of dancability.

We are a DIY band, 100% independent. That means we do everything entirely on our own, from recording and mixing to all the hand made album art allllll the way to up everything on the business end! We’ve been on labels and done that whole deal…for us its better do just do it on our own (tired of people taking $ from us). When you sign up to our mailing list you are helping to support us! Please get behind the arts, we are doing this for the love and when you help spread the word it helps us make more…art!

~ by castleqwayr on September 15, 2012.

One Response to “Passenger Peru – Helmets Required”

  1. Im lovin these songs!!!

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