Captain Dangerous – The Empire Never Ended

Art-pop that explodes leaving a thick residue of creativity and—dare I say—beauty at its crime scene. We are offered a generous stylistic mix in these songs; so its best to listen to all thirteen. ‘The Empire Never Ended’ is a romp approaching cabaret, then taking a few like-minded steps with those called Mumford, and finally the occasional punk-perfect stage dive into the welcoming arms of all seeking release from mundane and short-sighted horizons of this imploding pop planet.

Dangerous indeed! yet this captain is charting safe passage.

Captain Dangerous – The Terrorist

Captain Dangerous – I am the Wnd

New album out now from – “The Empire Never Ended” and back from tour!

Originally the brainchild of Adam Clarkson (guitar and vocals) and multi-instrumentalist Miles Clark (guitar, trumpet, melodica, accordion, violin, and vocals) Captain Dangerous soon enlisted the talents of bassist Mark Houlgate, drummer and percussionist Jamie Elliott and accomplished jazz/classical violinist Rob Rosa to create a bristling energy and richness of sound.

Recorded with super pop-producer Andy Wright of ‘We Show Up On Radar’ and ‘Swimming’ fame, Captain Dangerous have served up some old bangers and a load of tasty new tracks with spangly-pop shine and a shipping containers worth of energy to create a mega-poptastic treat. They hope you like it.

~ by castleqwayr on September 5, 2012.

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