David Byrne & St. Vincent – Love This Giant

Horns O’ Plenty & Quirka-tude unleashed creating something with tracers to the past providing points of contact for steady and brilliant propulsion to the closest living planet. Think of a ground-breaking album that changed your musical horizons and you are close to the level of artistry and genre-busting beauty of Love This Giant.

I so often sleep through my waking hours; barely cognizant of the beauty and the grace that is ever enshrouding me. It is that infrequent unveiling, when a majestic transfiguration startles me and bids me to embrace this better reality. Asking only for me to come as a child and receive unashamed with upturned face and outstretched arms.

Listen to full album here: http://tinyurl.com/d33w2v5

From NPR.ORG (read the rest at tinyurl) —There’s essentially no way for a collaboration between Talking HeadsDavid Byrne and St. Vincent‘s Annie Clark to exceed the sum of its parts. Each artist is distinctive enough, and dominant enough over the work on which he or she appears, that their sensibilities can’t be blended so much as stacked in such a way that they coexist simultaneously. Still, Love This Giant (out Sept. 11) brings Byrne and Clark together in provocative and frequently exciting ways, thanks in part to a slyly funky horn section and an overarching sense of brainy boldness.

Though they swap lead-vocal duties, Byrne’s jittery, globe-trotting eclecticism tends to overshadow Clark’s efforts, in part because the horns’ volume forces her guitar work out of the foreground. But Byrne sounds more invigorated than he has in years, and as one of the best young singers, arrangers and guitarists in the business, Clark possesses a craftsmanship-intensive oddness which meshes nicely with his.


~ by castleqwayr on September 4, 2012.

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