Jeff Johnson & Phil Keaggy – WaterSky

This music is clearly on the epic side of Instrumental or Soundtrack. Yes, one can chill, but you may be doing it at a few thousand feet at cloud altitude with heart full of joy and cares for once in rightful perspective (Sky). The seductive guitar and the tastefully executed keyboards work in tandem to tell tales that are merely suggestions. The listener provides the narrative—encouraged to invite The One on the journey to offer insights and healing. Our story is not finished. Dive in and go deep (Water).

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WaterSky – WaterSky (sample)

WaterSky – Cicadas (sample)

WaterSky, the second collaboration of keyboardist Jeff Johnson and guitarist Phil Keaggy, proves the truth of what the poet George MacDonald once wrote: “there is great power in quiet.”

WaterSky is an album that deals much in subtlety. And it’s richly contemplative. Each brushstroke of this soundscape is well considered. To again invoke MacDonald’s imagery, each of the eight pieces are “as fluent as the waters” of the Frio River Canyon—the setting that inspired this song cycle.

Time and again, Johnson and Keaggy demonstrate mastery of their instruments. By turns, as in the opening track, “When We Were Young,” there are spare shadings of solo piano, complimented by gentle guitar textures—acoustic and electric. Rarely has a base guitar been played as movingly as it is for this piece.

~ by castleqwayr on August 27, 2012.

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