Dana Falconberry – Leelanau

Soft and warming female vox and gentle, perfectly played instrumentation. Don’t let my description scare away you music radicals as even the most frantic need a warm embrace and a beauty infused aural “soak” now and then.

Dana Falconberry – Lake Charlevoix

Dana Falconberry suffuses the majesty of nature in the orchestral pop-folk she elegantly crafts in Leelanau, her inaugural release on Oakland, CA’s Antenna Farm Records. Citing influences ranging from the prints of artist Gwen Frostic, the books of Willa Cather, and the stark, childs-eye beauty of the Swedish film Let The Right One In, Falconberry finds lyrical inspiration in her idyllic childhood retreats to the Great Lakes State’s Leelanau peninsula. The result is a set of eloquent verse reflecting upon the region to which she has returned almost every summer since she was born. “There is this general feeling of nostalgia, but the album is also about the triumphs of being a kid – a celebration of running on the beach or in the woods,” Falconberry explains.

Read More Here: http://danafalconberry.tumblr.com/BIO

~ by castleqwayr on August 14, 2012.

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