Puppet Lane – Myths

Going back to The Cure’s Disintegration and other goth sounds like Scary Monsters from David Bowie (David Jones), I’ve had a soft spot for most of this genre as long as it is melodic and not blatantly evil. Puppet Lane pulls it all together on their album, Myths available on Bandcamp and at their home page (below). If you can find music from Dead Artist Syndrome you likely will be delighted. Its darker, deeper and bleaker, but with an underbelly of hope. Puppet Lane is a keeper and we hope to hear much more from these revolutionaries!

Puppet Lane – Silence (The Nightchild Remix)

Puppet Lane – Clowns

Puppet Lane band started in 2003 (then called Bloody Kisses). The band consisted of two girls: Marie Himmelsweit and Anna-Nein. At first they didn’t invite other musicians to join them and just worked on new songs for a full-scaled project. Their music style of that period can be described as “dream-pop”. Cold and laid-back sound of keyboards went fancifully together with sad quiet voices of singers and gentle plunk of acoustic guitar. The band was often compared to Cocteau  Twins with some influence from Lacrimosa.

Two other musicians – Dmitry and Alex – joined the band in 2007 and since then it has been a full musical project. After some time which guys dedicated to rehearsing, the band made several shows. At first the band produced rather heavy sound full of distortion and other elements of aggressive manner. But after several months of using this style the musicians decided to make some radical changes in their sound returning to their “roots” which meant returning to the sound of former Bloody Kisses of 2003.

To emphasize the reincarnation of the band it was renamed into Puppet Lane. Today it is a band which plays post-punk with elements of deathrock, gothic and dream-pop. The guys also call their style “post-goth.”



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