Lowpines vs. Quiet Arrows

Introduction to the band: Lowpines are from west London, where songs are written in a clutter of guitars, amps and keyboards, in a dusty studio looking out at the trees. Inspired by Sparklehorse, Bonnie Prince Billy, Smog and Eels, these are songs with a quiet defiance, made in a hidden corner of the city.


My name is Samuel.  Quiet Arrows is the name for songs that soar gently but pierce deeply. Songs that tell stories of love, heartbreak, introspection and wonder.  Songs flowing with hushed vocals, undulating on the rhythmic fingerpicking of an acoustic guitar.  Songs lifted by the spacious sound of an aged upright piano, vintage analog warmth of electric keys, and flourishes of cello, trumpet, glockenspiel and omnichord.

I am making an album!  This first album is Continents Were Made To Sink.  I have written songs for two more albums as well, but that is a different story for a later time.  This one is for now.  And now is the time to finish up the final bits of this anticipated project.  I have long labored over this collection of songs, and now I am seeking the financial partnership to help release this album independently.


~ by castleqwayr on July 25, 2012.

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