Pegasus Dream vs. Wolf Rider

Noisy, fun and addicting—’nuff said! Pegasus Dream(er).

Pegasus Dream – Oxen Free

Melodically, the sound contains multi-layered, psychedelic dance-rock arrangements punched with transcendental vocals and a big-ole’ floor tom.

Echoes of The Garden State soundtrack.This song ‘For You’ from Wolf Rider is perfect for the next hipster Indie movie soundtrack. Yes, thank you!

Wolf Rider – For You (Travelin Bags)

Wolf Rider is a fresh collective of musicians and singers that is spearheaded by Bijou Choder (the producer) as well as occasional artist. They are keeping a bit of mystery regarding who they are, but they’re located in the Bay Area and come from many diverse styles of music. The picture is B.C. and his bro who sings on the song. They will have more songs out every month.

~ by castleqwayr on July 13, 2012.

One Response to “Pegasus Dream vs. Wolf Rider”

  1. There is a definite soulfulness that hits the playful heart when it comes to “travel’n bags” The chemistry… of these bros ! B.C. producing and L.G. voice and lyrics is not mechanical.

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