The Choir – The Forest

The Choir is a band I’ve been enjoying since living in Southern California. They are offering their 2000 album (Flap Your Wings) for free with the hopes of getting you in the door and taking up residence. The first song below is on the NoiseTrade giveaway and is from their just released album, The Loudest Sound Ever Heard. They are truly a fine atmospheric-alternative band with something to say and way above-par talent.

The album giveaway may go away after a week. So jump on it!

The Loudest Sound Ever Heard – The Forest

Flap Your Wings – Mercy Lives Here

Flap Your Wings is from The Choir‘s recent past and being offered free on Noisetrade in honor of the legendary Cornerstone Music Festival‘s final year. After 28 years, Cornerstone Festival is saying goodbye after this July. From the first festival, The Choir has enjoyed a rewarding and special relationship with the remarkable folks there. Along with the entire Flap Your Wings album, there is a free bonus track (The Forest) from The Choir’s brand new release, The Loudest Sound Ever Heard. Thank you for listening and your support.

The Choir will be performing Saturday night July 7th at Cornerstone. Visit for details

Free album download:

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  1. fantastic

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