Nigel Wright – Follow Me Down . . .

Deep and beautiful chap-book entries from this fully submerged traveler dictating and transcribing his most recent destinations from paper to song. The door is swung out wide and the heart chooses to be a special channel of grace with the attendant battering—and the joyful enlarging—that comes to one with arms wide open.

Conor Oberst, Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens and espeically Elliott Smith are in my thoughts while enjoying the muse of Nigel Wright.

Nigel Wright – Barriers

When Nigel Wright first visited Berlin, we ventured an approach to some of our favorite songs of his – we invited the 18-year-old to do a solo session at the Villa Elisabeth. There we found a room with almost perfect acoustics, and with a number of special microphones we proposed to capture every nuance of voice and guitar. We made four intimate, live recordings that day, “The Retreat”, “This Far”, “Barriers” and “Millfoil”.

For us it has been really interesting to observe Nigel in that very moment. What happened since his “Millfoil” recordings, done when he was sixteen ? What development would we now hear in his voice and guitar, after countless performances at open-mic venues?

~ by castleqwayr on June 22, 2012.

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