Hunting Accident – Trees and Parks

Yes indeed, the wood-paneled cover to the new 10″ is outlandish and  intriguing. Honestly though, it is really simply awesome. Their driving sound also has an intensity and charm beyond cookie-cutter indie music for the unwashed (and unshaven) masses. They’re cutting their own deliberate path with the same care and craft of this built-to-last protection for vinyl. Did they use a jig-saw or a table-saw with a fence? Don’t know for sure, but my own attempts with a circular saw have been much less than true!

Remember to listen twice and purchase once.

The Hunting Accident – Aubergine MP3

The Hunting Accident – After After MP3

If you’ve heard of Piebald or Arlo, then you have heard Travis Shettel, Aaron Stuart, and Nate Greely in their spunk-filled youth.

Meanwhile, on the east coast, Aaron and Travis were in Piebald, being more hardcore, or post-hardcore, or some kind of core. They stayed together a few years longer than Arlo due to better record sales and superior conflict resolution skills, put out five albums on various labels, and wandered the globe, playing shows with Jimmy Eat World, Jejeune, Saves The Day, Dinosaur Jr., and probably more stuff they can’t remember. By 2008 they called it quits as well.

Every human being, even the youngest, is already old – that is, so close to death that he or she does not, in any case, have time to efface the accidental quality of the accidents of which his or her life is composed… We human beings are always more our accidents than our choice. – Odo Marquard: In Defense Of The Accidental

Their initial offering, a 4-song 7″ on The New Black records garnered a surprising amount of radio and press attention, which you can browse here. After several tours the band returned to the studio, again working with Eric Palmquist. The result is a 6-song 10″ out July 17th on The New Black. The sound is bigger and markedly more polished than their previous offering’s more stark post-punk aesthetic. Their staunch proletarian sensibility, however, means the songs are still pretty rock and the album covers are still made in a garage out of wood (check them out, it’s pretty nifty).

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