Emily Wolfe – Director’s Notes

Yes this music has some lovely pop-rock gleam. Please don’t let that scare you away from Emily Wolfe’s sincere and heart-on-her sleeve confessions of love & hope. There is a generous portion of wide-eyed embrace of this whole shebang we call life. Her voice is perfectly suited to these folk-like odes, not unlike Lisa Hannigan of Damien Rice propagation. Her music shoots you that look; with a knowing tilt of the head and oh, those eyes—yes those eyes—that draw you in and bid you to drown within.

Emily Wolfe – Heavy

Elsewhere in her journey she has covered The Beach Boys: God Only Knows and Bright Eyes: First Day of My Life http://soundcloud.com/emily-wolfe )so its impossible not to be smitten.

Name me a victim.

Emily Wolfe – Lion Heart

One of Austin’s best up-and-coming young artists, Emily Wolfe, offers a fresh and inspired perspective that is often lost in music today. Her debut record Director’s Notes, rooted in folk-pop melodies and paired with a magnetic voice, has gathered attention from magazines, podcasts, and radio shows worldwide. Most recently, Wolfe has been featured on KUT’s Texas Music Matters, the Justin Wayne Show, and in Indie Music Reviewer.

Featuring Joshua Zarbo (Spoon, Monahans, Bob Schneider) on bass, and Diana Burgess (Mother Falcon, The Sour Notes, Annabella) on cello, Director’s Notes displays Wolfe’s notable writing style and exceptional musicianship – playing guitar, banjo, drums, percussion, bells, piano, and Rhodes. Punchy radio hits like “Heavy” and “Lion Heart” make you crave independence from love; and the acoustic-pop vibes of “Before You Were Mine” and “Anywhere” make you fall in love all over again.


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