– Young Love EP

Young Love EP is often intense, sometimes straightforward rock, and occasional tasty atmospheric aural treats. There is nothing to dislike and much to discover and revel in. Never a dull moment with Don’t be fooled by their professional sound and well-honed rocking sounds. Yes, they can slow down and lay down a deep emotive track like Halfway There; with the muted majesty of The National. This is a Cairo I can dig; not so “last era” like that destination, halfway round the world! – All These Colours – Vampyre has been on a steady rise in the Canadian indie music scene since the late 2011 release of their debut EP entitled “Young Love”. Nate Daniels (vocals/guitar), Matt Sullivan (drums/percussion), Caitlin Grieve (strings/vocals), Dante Berardi Jr (guitar/vocals) and Wooyoung Kim (bass) have an obvious affinity for haunting quiet and walls of sound. Their music – sometimes orchestral and sometimes minimal – can be characterized as strangely familiar while remaining unmistakably new. is continuing to build on the momentum built in 2011. They have just wrapped up filming From Far And Wide, a web series showcasing Canadian indie bands ( Their song “All These Colours” has been chosen for the final scenes of the Canadian feature film Locked In A Garage Band. “All These Colours” will also be featured by Monster/Diesel for the worldwide launch campaign of their new “Vektr” headphones.

~ by castleqwayr on May 26, 2012.

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