Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker – The Seas are Deep

In a September 2011 post at Heroes we featured the evocative music of Josienne Clarke with the following statement:

Beautiful, passionate, well-played and produced acoustic folk by an up-and-coming talent and someone to watch.

Well, we’ve been watching, and listening, and still like very much what we’re hearing. The music of Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker is  gracious guitar based traditional Celtic folk music. It is not nouveau in any sense, but many of these songs have added just enough instrumentation—cello and recorders—to keep things interesting and not sounding the same. Take a deep draught of their intoxicating libation and remember the plaque over the bar bids you return daily.

The YouTube video at the bottom of my post is simply stunning if you care to dip a toe into the warmth of the artistry of Ms. Clarke.

There really is something very special about Josienne and Ben together. Combining traditional folk credentials with honest and original songwriting and a profound musicality which leaves other musicians agape, seeing them play is an unrivalled experience; they hold the most crowded room breathless. Josienne looks very young until she opens her mouth to sing – and then her wisdom and her expressive, nuanced performance make you wonder. Ben simply plays things no-one else could play. They have performed alongside many greats including Martin Simpson, Ric Sanders of the Fairport Convention, Kami Thompson, Emily Portman, Mary Hampton and Emily Barker. Having just seen them live, Folk Radio UK said their magic laid in their enduring presence that will bring a silence and solemnity to any crowd.

Josienne Clarke – Fab Folk Found • September 26, 2011

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