Amos The Transparent – Sure As The Weather

I’ve been enjoying SiriusXM in my car the past year and just recently discovered all the interesting Canadian stations on tap. CBC Radio One and Iceberg have become my favorites. Road trips to Canada? One to Toronto with a trip to Hamilton for grub and Viagra on the Lake for olde English quietude. Two other times to that city just across from Detroit (Windsor)—that has of late been impacted from a booming bass vibe that is mostly unwelcome. I’ve discovered many good artists over the tumbled down years and more with my new radio stations. Amos The Transparent is a new one for me and I have to admit their brand of country-rock and Americana, I mean Canadiana is a nice discovery.

This is Nouveau-Americana that hits all the right spots in this music reviewer’s ears. There is lap steel and  all the needed sounds to rock hard and roll far. Softer and thoughtful reflections alternate with more driving proclamations. Just give Amos The Transparent a test-drive and see where their road takes y’all!

Amos The Transparent – Sure As The Weather

On the newest record, “Goodnight, My Dear… I’m Falling Apart”, Amos the Transparent explore a wide variety of musical textures and dynamics.  Calling on the expertise of Gus van Go and Werner F for the final touches, the band took the tracks to the Boiler Room in NYC for some additional production and mixes.  The album contains both upbeat indi pop tracks such as the first single, ‘Sure as the Weather’ as well as dare, more experimental tunes like ‘Convince the Mayor’  and as been dubbed the record that “truly captures their sound”.

Amos The Transparent – Says The Spark

Since the release of  “GMD…IFA” in February of 2012, Amos has been featured on Q with Jian Ghomeshi, who referred to them as “the Canadian Wilco”.  They also appeared as a feature act for the month of March in Cineplex’s behind the music across Canada and have continued to receive a great deal of support from Canadian Alt Rock Stations and Sirius/XM.

Amos The Transparent – Coming Home

Whether they are sharing the stage with Patrick Watson, Zeus or the Darcys, or headlining a show in Australia or SXSW Amos come alive when they perform.

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