Derek Roan – A Travelogue

Evocative, whiskey-soaked vox over musical travelogues with intrigue and from an all-encompassing—yet furtively glimpsed—diary entry behind each of the fourteen tracks. Hard to pigeon-hole; yet harder still to turn away and forget the genesis just witnessed.

Derek Roan –  We Are Old

Derek Roan is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Although he was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is difficult to say that he is really from anywhere. Roan moved from coast to coast and while attending music school in Boston, decided to leave the states and travel the world in 2004. He sold his belongings and left with nothing more than he could carry on his back and a travel-sized guitar.

Derek Roan – The Soothsayer

His travels brought him to Prague, where he became a regular at a local expat speakeasy called The Blind Eye, which was a hub for artists, musicians and creative transients from around the world. This is where Roan crossed paths with studio owner-engineer and producer, Eric Young. The two decided to work together on what would become Derek Roan’s self-titled debut album as well as the follow-up album, “Through the Eyes of the Magpie.”

Derek Roan  – Say Anything

Roan’s main instrument is the guitar, but he can be heard playing a variety of instruments on the records, including mandolin, piano . . . Thanks in part to The Blind Eye and the large network of international talent living in and passing through Prague, Roan was able to bring in 12 musicians from a collection of countries to help achieve the sound that he and Young had envisioned.

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