Hospitality – Generous & Wide Eyed Optomists

Just well written female-vocal led indie-pop sonic gems with a unique vibe. I do hear some waking dreams of The Ocean Blue. There is glory and musical depth galore; and yes at times, frantic twists, U-turns and “failure to yield” to keep this eponymously named set captivating. Looking forward to many more servings of their tasteful brand of hospitality.  

Check out the link to the Tiny Desk Concert from NPR.ORG

Hospitality – Betty Wang

Hospitality – Friends of Friends

Reprising some songs from a self-released 2008 EP recorded by Karl Blau (K Records) allows Hospitality to nod to its beginnings as a more lo-fi outfit; that early intimacy can be found in the arrangement of the cheeky and distinctly NC-17Liberal Arts.” And after patiently honing its craft, playing concerts (and gaining converts), Hospitality has reached what will be its first apex with many more heights to come; from their modest debut in a Red Hook row house, the band has evolved from four-track low-fidelity to a luxury five-star future. -Gabriele Caroti

Steam or purchase here:

~ by castleqwayr on May 2, 2012.

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