Shhhh! / Review – Tiny Ruins

Tiny Ruins is the brainchild of Hollie Fullbrook currently residing in Southern realms. Her work is gorgeous in the same neighborhood of The Innocence Mission.  Me thinks her talent on guitar, piano and voice is of a stunning depth of artistry that should be celebrated and enjoyed by Heroes young and old. I hope to review many more releases by Ms. Fullbrook.

Oh, one last thing – – – please watch the video.

Tiny Ruins is the project of Bristol-born, New Zealand-raised musician and songwriter Hollie Fullbrook. It grew out of writing the music for fringe theatre productions whilst a student in Wellington, recording by four-track and playing at live music and poetry nights in 2007-2009. Samuel Prutton committed the first Tiny Ruins songs to record, in the form of rough demos.

Tiny Ruins’ live shows began to attract attention for soul-stirring, intimate performances and strange, hypnotic songs. Asked to support Alasdair Roberts in Sydney, May 2010, Tiny Ruins was then signed to Australia’s Spunk Records.

Fullbrook went a-roaming in May of 2010, embarking on a small tour of Northern Spain with Barcelona-based musician Lieven Scheerlinck (‘a Singer of Songs’). A collaborative EP, Little Notes, was recorded in Scheerlinck’s apartment during the week following the tour. Fullbrook finished two songs for the EP – ‘Little Notes’ and ‘Down South’, and also recorded a version of ‘Running Through the Night’. Little Notes was released independently in December 2010.

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