Luke Redfield – Tusen Takk

Mostly simple and sometimes rockin’ folk for this ever-hopeful music lover. One really should audition the full release on the Bandcamp player below. “My Sweet Lass” is one of my favorites, if on the decidedly gentler side. There are shades of many of my best-loved artists in various tunes, but overall, the vibe belongs to Mr. Redfield. I hope this music catches fire and spreads; but I know it has warmed this soul.

Hero Note: I have been listening this Thursday morning once again to “Tusen Takk” and I need to update my review.  This is really a simple singer-songwriter release—simply stunning! 

Luke Redfield – Gilgamesh

Luke Redfield – Four Cities

Equal parts folk philosopher, mountain mystic and romantic poet, vagabond songwriter Luke Redfield leads a life straight out of a Jack London or Mark Twain novel. Whether he’s busking his way through Europe, getting down to his last dollar on the San Francisco Bay or summering in rural Alaska, where he lived in a 7’x7′ shack with no running water, Redfield not only sings his songs—he lives them.

In early 2010, Redfield released his studio debut, EPHEMERAL EON, which The Minneapolis Star Tribune described as “Rollicking, ‘John Wesley Harding‘-style acoustic twang to more atmospheric, Iron & Wine-style indie-folk.” More recently, he served as Executive Producer for non-profit Rock the Cause’s charity/tribute record, MINNESOTA REMEMBERS VIC CHESNUTT and released his own sophomore LP, TUSEN TAKK, featuring members of Bon Iver, Peter Wolf Crier, Dark Dark Dark, and Andrew Bird‘s band. The Onion heralds the new release as “an infusion of a broader, sweeping style” for an ever-evolving artist. One can only guess which direction, both musically and geographically, Redfield will go next.

~ by castleqwayr on April 18, 2012.

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