Denison Witmer – Are You A Dreamer?

This is mostly singer-songwriter—on the mellower side—music. It has flavors and innuendos of the The Innocence Mission (Don Paris’ Guitar), Sufjan Stevens (Is that a guitar or banjo?) and My Brightest Diamond (Shara Warden’s sizzling vox). The whole project is well fleshed-out and dare I say a “perfect” soundtrack to a trouble-free and reflective Sunday afternoon. Where has this guy been? I know he’s been making music for a while, but I think I owe it to you all to introduce a dreamer: Denison Witmer.

Denison Witmer – Are You A Dreamer?

Denison Witmer – Your Friend (from: The Ones Who Wait)

Click over to the Noisetrade link and download a FREE full album of songs from Denison Witmer, along with a song from the newest album for purchase: The Ones Who Wait. Excellent mini-concert for download at Fuel/Friends music blog:

Denison Witmer/Chapel Session (Fuel Friends) – Take More Than You Need

Denison Witmer/Chapel Session (Fuel Friends) – Three Little Birds (Bob Marley) We released Denison Witmer’s The Ones Who Wait a few weeks ago, and it’s just as good sounding today as it was then. You can listen and buy here.

But Denison has a robust back-catalog, and that includes one of our favorites, Are You a Dreamer? Our own Shara Worden and Sufjan Stevens and the Library Catalog’s James McAllistor make appearances on the album, as well as Karen Don Peris (of Innocence Mission).

As of today Are You A Dreamer? is available via Noisetrade and all it takes is your email address and zip code to download the album. You can also support Denison with a “tip” if you like. Do so below, or visit the page on Noisetrade right here.

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