Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks – Take The Air

Beautiful folk-country—with just enough grit to make it compelling—found here. These are timeless tunes that have the feel of the American Heartland and the warmth of good neighbors and even better fellowship around a big meal or a roaring fire. Go to their website to take a listen to the complete album and show these folks some love.

Take The Air – Lonely Owl

Take The Air – Gather It Up

Jenn Rawling, songstress and vintage American folk and old-time country singer, joins string player & harmony singer Basho Parks in a partnership of formidable musical talent and palpable sympathy. There’s a flowing kindness at the heart of this music; more than a nod to our barn-raising ancestors.

Rawling & Parks were joined in studio by a slew of local talent for Take The Air, including   William Joersz (Ezza Rose), Mub Fractal (Brownish Black), Matt Berger (Laura Gibson, Portland Cello Project), Skyler Norwood (Point Juncture Washington), Joel Ricci (Lucky Brown, March Fourth Marching Band), and Brendan Phillips (Fast Rattler).

Take The Air is a Victorian colloquialism meaning ‘to go for a stroll,’ but it’s got undertones of carpe diem too,” says native Coloradoan Parks of the album title.  “[It] feels very optimistic and hopeful and about action,” Rawling asserts.  “I think the name fits the songs with all the airy violin parts and also expresses our attitude about the newly formed duo, putting ourselves out there, taking the leap, starting a new project together.  I’ve been on several walking pilgrimages in my life that have had major spiritual and political impact on me, plus Basho and I love being in nature, hiking and traveling.  Basho and I are wonder twins in the studio,” she continues, “It was a nice realization for us, since this was our first time recording as a team.

~ by castleqwayr on April 10, 2012.

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