Twin Cabins – I’m Sure

Mostly a trippy-cool, relaxed and laid back left-coast vibe on “Lonely Summer;” the first tune from this Bandcamp album sampler. “Cool Kids” continues the surf and sun feel and reminds me of a fast-food eatery, “Taco Bills,” which was on Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach when I was a teen. It was perfect after a day in the sun and sand. They had the best taco-burritos in the known world and their table jar hot sauce screamed, AWESOME! They changed the recipe once, but my Dad still thought is was a keeper. The sauce had some of the grandeur of “Pico Pica” for those of you in the know, with the same possibly traumatic mid-life mixilogical alterations. Me thinks Mr. Cano has undergone his own changes with more to come. Expect future offerings to surprise and delight the aural palettes of the left & right coast dwellers and all of us in the forgotten middle-earth of America. The remainder of this sampler screams talent and promise and an often forgotten ingredient: hope.

Twin Cabins – Cool Kids

Twin Cabins is the solo project of Nacho Cano, who was born in Mexico City. As a child, Cano created his first melodies on his grandmother’s piano. Then, at the age of ten, he moved to California, where he became enamored with its beaches, sun, and people. Cano’s interest in music and experimentation continued through his adolescence, where he learned the guitar and eventually began to record and catalog his compositions in his middle school recording studio. Eventually by the age of 18, Cano began to branch out to new instruments and developed a craft for melody through memories, fantasies, and romances.

It was the memories of real (or made up) romances that encouraged Cano to begin writing his own music under the moniker Twin Cabins. Cano created truly Californian dreamlike and catchy melodies that reflected sentiments of love, frustration, and personal conflict. His recordings are written and produced in his bedroom, the environment of his tracks being symbolic of a sense of dreams, loneliness, and careless youth.

Over the course of several months, he began to experiment with alternative and unfamiliar genres of music, releasing them under the alias Rushmore. Now as Twin Cabins, Cano plans to release his upcoming debut I’m Sure, which is a love letter to past lovers, new lovers, and the comfort of an unpredictable future.

Twin Cabins on Bandcamp
Twin Cabins on Facebook

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