Pretty Heart – Blood/Body

Haunting, nearly Gothic background keyboard music with a beautiful overlay of child-like female voice creating dream-like reflections that make me want to know the deep and brooding story behind each cathartic outpouring. Here is hoping there will be even more complex and fuller music on a—hoped for—coming full length LP. Till then, grab this EP at Bandcamp below.

Pretty Heart – Afraid of the Dark

Pretty Heart – Sick Soul

My name is Morgan, I’m from Ohio, and I go by the name of “Pretty Heart.” I wrote and recorded an EP that I named “Blood/Body” this winter, trying to avoid my roommate walking in on me sensually singing into my Macbook microphone. One guy once described me as a “doom-and-gloom Joni Mitchell,” which I found funny and probably pretty accurate. Some of my favorite artists are PJ Harvey, Bat For Lashes, St. Vincent and Radiohead…so I probably sound a bit like them as well. But listen for yourself, I kindly plead you!

~ by castleqwayr on March 29, 2012.

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