Carrousel – 27 Rue De Mi’chelle

Just to start off with a note for all indie-cons; this is no snooze-core, navel-gazing Ambien for the jaded and sleep-deprived masses. If you do little more than downloading these tunes to your Heroes Playlist, then please watch the vid. I love the joyful abandon of the various actors—especially the dancers when they are in street clothes. The joy in the countenance of the gal with the purple shirt will make you smile as well. These songs bring together all of their musical elements to create—what are to me—little sonic rest-stops upon this quickly tilting planet. Take a spin or more, and please don’t jump off till you get that brass ring. Hey look! Your name is engraved on the inside!

Carrousel – Where Do We Go From Here

Carrousel – 14

Fronted by Joel Piedt, and featuring Rob Polischuck, Malee Bringardner, Patrick Chin, Erich von Hinken, and Landon Lee, Florida-based dream-pop/folk outfit Carrousel deliver nine beautifully crafted, symphonic dream-pop/folk songs on their debut, 27 rue de mi’chelle, set for release May 1, 2012.

The story behind the record isn’t new; Piedt was heartbroken, having lost his love, Michelle, the protagonist of what would become the album.  But, even though the story isn’t new, Carrousel takes a daunting approach to it, twisting and turning it into their own.

Piedt’s idea to piecemeal the songs together was heavily inspired by Brian Wilson‘s Pet Sounds and the Beach Boys’Good Vibrations” single.
“We were inspired by Brian Wilson’s modular recording, so we attempted to piecemeal parts of songs together to give the album a certain feel,” Piedt elaborates.  “As if the music were traveling through various times and places, different scenes. Different parts of songs were recorded sometimes months apart, and it’s really fascinating to hear what that does to the feel of the music.”

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