Great Elk – Autogeography (Hear-Here!)

Great Elk – I’m Going to Bend (from: Autogeography)

Mostly chilled folk-rock is what “Great Elk” is creating. The songs are heavy on lyrical stories and light on bombast. I expect the coming full-length LP release of Autogeography will continue this trend and appeal to a very diverse yet discerning audience. Check out where they have been (below) to get a taste of what is coming (above). The new album definitely has an Americana feel to it.

Great Elk – February

Great Elk – Down in the Willow Garden

Autogeography has no shortage of infectious rockers, kicking off with the raucous “The Weight of the Sea.”  “Give Up” may best be described as a hook-packed dirge, lamenting a life stuck between the city and the country.  There are a few slow burners as well, including, “Your Worst Nightmare”, “Liquid”, and “Big Black Sea”, which ends in a 2-minute march to cacophony, then gives way to a barely breathing reed organ and delicate piano line.  Tucked in the middle is “Oh, My Home, My Ohio”, a live acoustic performance in which Basile sings of the intimate connection between person and land — “I knew each rock and tree limb, knew  each smell and sound.  Land and body sewn together, silent and profound.”


~ by castleqwayr on March 20, 2012.

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