Saturday – Winter is Spring Soundtrack

Peasant – The Flask

Lower Dens – Brains

Rue Royale – Foreign Night

Baby Eagle & the Proud Mothers – Brave Women

Last night the gift of sleep escaped me and I merely survived with only about 2 hours and then off to work. The wildlife was thick as I tested my steering by avoiding a possum and a cute little fox with a big bushy tail. I did take a break from work to go to Starbucks and purchase one of those new breakfast wraps: whole wheat tortilla, egg white omelette, some type of sausage (?) and feta cheese. I turned down the coffee as I already had four cups! Nice. Here in the Midwest we are enjoying the very warm March weather. Hey, as long as I get a nice nap today after starting a load of  laundry, I will be very thankful.

Nedry – Float

Sleeping Policemen – Looking for Luck

Tiny Fireflies – Picture Perfect

Strawberry Whiplash – Now I Know It’s You

Let me know which of these bands you would like me to explore in greater depth for you my gracious reader.

Alice and Michi – Dedication

Bill Mallonee/WPA – Kid Heart

~ by castleqwayr on March 17, 2012.

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