Books On Tape – Memory/Carnival Lights

Yes this music has the pop and new-wave sensibilities of 80’s radio and eternal teen-movie soundtrack goodness. It is missing the electronic overkill and overweening preciousness so endemic of the genre. It is just plain good and a somewhat mellow ride. The vocals take a backseat and become an integral component of these aural dreamscapes. Here is hoping the wait for the full album release is short indeed!

Books On Tape – Memory

Books On Tape – Carnival Lights

Books on Tape is the solo moniker of the San Francisco artist Adam Dishart (formerly of the Catholic Comb).  Playing pop music tinged with melancholy, Books on Tape showcases Dishart’s penchant for 80’s-era pop and his ability to “capture the alienation and wistfulness of youth.”  It is a sound inspired by the Pogues, Echo and the Bunnymen, Smashing Pumpkins and Nick Drake.

Books on Tape is currently finishing production on its first full length entitled “Memory.” They will be touring before its tentative release in summer 2012.

~ by castleqwayr on March 10, 2012.

One Response to “Books On Tape – Memory/Carnival Lights”

  1. Hi, we are an indie-folk band from Oakland California
    We would be honored if you checked us out
    Here is a link to a video we just shot of us playing in San Francisco

    Let us know what you think
    Thank you so much for your time

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